September 2012

Rogue Produce + Community Compost

Rogue-Community CompostFor Adam Holtey, one man's trash is indeed another man's treasure. His nearly one-year old business literally takes your garbage and helps turn it into treasure: locally grown produce.

He got the idea for Rogue Produce + Community Compost when he and his wife wanted to begin composting at their home here in Talent, but didn't have the space or time to be committed to the process.

"We figured we weren't the only ones unable to put our food scraps to good use for one reason or another," Adam said. "So we decided to address the need in our community for a household food scrap pick-up service."

For less than $10 a month, Adam will pick up food scraps that customers leave on their doorsteps, and then transport this valuable resource to local farms, where it is cultivated into soil nurturing compost. "The farmers save a considerable amount of time and money because of our efforts, and our business benefits from having reliable places to transport the food scraps we collect," Adam explained. "Not only are the food scraps now being used properly as the valuable resource that they are, but they are also being kept out of our landfill."

It should be noted that Adam does not charge the farms a penny for this service, and that customers must provide their own containers.

"As our business has grown, we've now come full circle and are offering a 'right to your door' delivery of produce grown sustainably on local farms throughout our region," Adam said. "We call this new service our "mini" CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

They will deliver a bag of produce (approximately $20 worth), once a week right to your door. "Our produce is purchased from many of the farmers who participate in our local growers' markets, is of the highest quality, and is usually harvested the morning of the day you receive your delivery!" Adam said. "Our CSA only requires a commitment of four deliveries, which is only $85. If you miss a delivery, we will add it on to the end of your service."

Their CSA emphasizes on providing the basics. A typical bag usually includes a head of kale and/or some mixed greens, potatoes, tomatoes, berries and other fruits, carrots, herbs, cucumbers, squash, onions, and various other items. You can see some samples of the bags they have delivered by visiting their new website developed for this service,

"Through our mini CSA, we're attempting to make it as convenient as possible for consumers to support their local farmers and economy," Adam said.

"We really appreciate the support we've received so far from people here in the Rogue Valley. Our business would not be possible if it weren't for the large number of people in our community dedicated to supporting local and sustainable enterprises. We will continue to do our best to provide our customers with the best service possible."

For more information, call Adam at 541-301-3426.