October 2012

Healing Arts Center of Talent

Talent-Healing-Arts-CenterHealing a soul is not a one-time thing, as putting a cast on a broken arm, and Voila!, six weeks later the bone is strong and normal. Healing is a voyage, like life. The practitioners who comprise the Healing Arts Center of Talent know this, and they agree that their goal is to return each client to his or her "essential perfection."

"As long as we're alive, we're healing because we're evolving," says Irene Carver, a polarity therapist and spiritual counselor with the group.

The center, located on 106 N. Main St., has been in business since March, and the counselors and specialists who work there say Talent is a fine fit for the work they are doing.

Carver says the center hopes to serve Talent on several different levels—the needs of children, young women and families. They also hope to work with those who have or are dealing with domestic violence.

Though based at their center, the group doesn't want to just sit back and wait for people in need come to them.

"We'd like to take our healing out into the community," says Chris Hince, who is a spiritual counselor and coach and teaches channeling.

The center has also applied for non-profit status and expects to obtain that early next year.

The center got going early this year. Hince says she got an inspiration that she was to start a healing center in Talent. Soon after, another inspiration to go look for a space to house the center, and on Jan. 2, she came looking. The space was available.

Later, at a spiritual meeting in Ashland, a call was put out looking for spiritual advisers, specialists and counselors to become a part of the center. One-by-one, they joined.

The center's advisers and counselors, with more than 175 years combine experience, include:

  • Katie Anderson, who offers massage with aromatouch technique, specializing in doTerra essential oils. She also offers classes in essential oils and therapeutic applications.
  • Irene Carver, a polarity therapist who specializes in energy balancing techniques. She is also a spiritual counselor using Tarot cards as a way to access unconscious.
  • Cathy Chow, a specialist in Japanese healing Reiki. She offers private instruction and also offers One Brain (3 in 1 concepts) sessions.
  • Chris Hince, who in addition to roles as spiritual counselor and coach also teaches how to attract prosperity. She has authored a book set for release titled A Miracle by Friday: 101 Ways to Raise Your Vibration and Create What You Want.
  • Alea Kent, M.S., a therapist and board certified coach who offers sessions in emotional freedom technique, the emotion code, (muscle) testing, past life/soul regression and entity releasement.
  • Dayton Mason, a Reiki master, crystal therapist and Shamanic healing master.
  • Kaye T. Starre, a certified herbalist who offers MCKS advanced pranic healing, Reiki, Jin Shin acupuncture, healing stone modalities, reflexology and essential oils.
  • Phyllis Wetzel, R.N., offers foot and nail care for at-risk clients, such as the elderly and diabetics. She also offers other services, such as massage.

The center holds a healing night the third Friday of each month. It is open for anyone and the center asks for a $5-10 donation. It is a chance for those interested to sample the work at the center. Further classes range from $40 and up.

"We're a pretty safe environment to come to," says Hince. "All our healing modalities are very gentle, non-threatening."

For more information, go to www.healingartstalent.com or call the center at (541) 708-0098.