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Theater, Arts & Music

One thing is for certain in the Rogue Valley: if you don’t want to be bored, you don’t have to wander very far to find entertainment.  We have world-class theater, a variety of music venues and every other person you meet is an artist in one form or another.
Find the entertainment you’ve been looking for.



Get to know your local business owners. Help strengthen our local economy by getting to know the folks who operate businesses here in Ashland and the choice to "stay local" becomes an obvious one. So get to know a local business, and start supporting them... you never know, they could be your neighbors!

  • Mountain Provisions Celebrating Four Years

    Mountain Provisions Celebrating Four Years

    June 2020

    Owner Bryant Helgeland of Mountain Provisions, an outdoor store on the Plaza, was fairly confident that retail stores would be allowed to open in mid-May and he actually spent most of March and April re-stocking the store ready for the onslaught. After so much cabin fever for the last six weeks, Ashland residents are hungry for the great outdoors, and Mountain Provisions is the place to start.

  • Almost 50 Years at Oak Tree NW for the Allen Family

    Almost 50 Years at Oak Tree NW for the Allen Family

    June 2020

    The restaurant business is definitely in the genes of the Allen family, and you can feel the family-oriented vibes when you visit Oak Tree Northwest Bar & Grill, located at 2150 Ashland Street.
    Owners Gerald (dad) and Gary (son) are proud of what they have accomplished, and they’re confident they’re going to get through the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Beyond the Plaza

    Beyond the Plaza

    June 2020

    Beyond the Plaza is a grouping of 12 restaurants, one Spa, one retail store and one mortgage lender. They’re BEYOND because they reside just slightly off the Plaza, on the corner block of North Main and Water Street or across the street to that block. Their link is their landlord, Lloyd Matthew Haines.

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