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Theater, Arts & Music

One thing is for certain in the Rogue Valley: if you don’t want to be bored, you don’t have to wander very far to find entertainment.  We have world-class theater, a variety of music venues and every other person you meet is an artist in one form or another.
Find the entertainment you’ve been looking for.



Get to know your local business owners. Help strengthen our local economy by getting to know the folks who operate businesses here in Grants Pass and the choice to "stay local" becomes an obvious one. So get to know a local business, and start supporting them... you never know, they could be your neighbors!

  • Looking Like New at Apland’s Auto Body

    Looking Like New at Apland’s Auto Body

    November 2017

    No matter how many candles you light at church praying that your car never gets hit, sometimes it’s just inevitable. And when fate deals you a bad hand, Apland’s Auto Body (2163 NE Spalding Avenue; and 2584 Bullock Road in Medford) is there to help. Founded in 2009 by Mike and Jodie Apland

  • Making Your Pet Feel at Home When You’re Away

    Making Your Pet Feel at Home When You’re Away

    November 2017

    Every time my wife and I go on vacation, we stress out about the animals. Vetting the housesitters is a major ordeal, almost like sitting through an interview with the C.I.A. Our dog, Brody, gives them the sniff test, and if they don’t treat our Mau Mau like the princess she is, it’s all over.

  • We All Want the Goal of Optimal Health

    We All Want the Goal of Optimal Health

    October 2017

    When it comes to health care, you ideally want to avoid chronic or catastrophic illnesses and keep any nagging health “issues” to a minimum. In this fast-paced, stress inducing Digital Age, it’s not always easy to do, and that’s where Optimal Health of Southern Oregon, a full-service family practice located at 1600 NW 6th Street comes in. Wendell Heidinger, MD, focuses on wellness, prevention, and lifestyle change.

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